Bringing together a modern, experiential and bespoke approach to Travel. Triumph Travel is a B2B Travel Company 

with a focus on East & Southern Africa.


We aim to design truly unique travel experiences that are tailor made representing the guest’s individuality.

Our first-hand expertise allows us to create travel experiences that are special and best meet the guests’ expectations.

Designing all the elements of your client’s trip is a passion where we can put all the concierge elements together for you.

Welcome to Triumph Travel.


Experiences that Triumph

How we work

We book all the elements of an African itinerary, Flights, Meet and Greet, Safari Experiences, Hotels, the best guides in the market combined with the most urban and trendy happenings in the continent and of course advice and the most competitive rates.

Itemised quotations in most of our proposals

Transparency and acknowledging you as the booking originator.

Virtuoso Amenities apply when booking through Triumph Travel.

Always count us in for a meeting with you. With you and your clients, we want to work together, we are your eyes in Africa.

Our vision

Is Simple, but effective. This vision placed us in a space of privilege. Is not about us, is about your client and your company, Triumph Travel was not created to become a famous brand but to deliver the best service that goes hand in hand with the highest level of commitment a company can be proud of. This cannot be reached without the best, strongest and knowledgeable team.

We have a passion for Africa, Customer obsession and ownership.

We are a hands-on group of professionals and we love what we do.