What to Wear on Safari

Packing for a Safari. Get the most of your adventure !

The type of clothing to take on your safari holiday will depend on the time of year and what type of safari you are going on as follows you will find some tips that will apply for most of the destinations.
Remember Winter Month (April to September) are colder and the warmer months are October to March and it can be very hot.

As a general “rule” the safaris (game drives) are being done as follows
Colder Months (Morning Safari starts later than in warmer months)
Colder Months (Afternoon Safari starts earlier than in warmer months)
Warmer Months (Morning Safari start earlier than in colder months)
Warmer Months (Afternoon Safari starts later than in colder months)

What to wear:
• Go Neutral wearing Khaki and green colours.
• Light-weight clothing
• Layers ! Temperatures can be cool on morning game drives, hot in the afternoon and cold at night. Layers allow you to remove clothing to make yourself comfortable as temperatures fluctuate.
• Wear shirts that keep the sun off your arms and neck.
• Plenty of pockets to store camera, binoculars, sunscreen.
• Light jacket,
• Hats
• Sunglasses
• Swimsuit if your lodge has a pool.
• Linen clothing for dinners to look smart but stay cool.
• Stay away of dark colours
• Trousers & Shorts
• Cardigan & Pasmina
• Walking shoes
• Binoculars
• Camera equipment
• Anti-malaria medication (if you visiting a Malaria Area) remember that Malaria Medication is not Compulsory but you need to always advise your client.
• Repellent (although most of the lodges provide this item)
• Lip balm