Born and bred Capetonian, Didi has a love for life, food, fashion and people. Thus, the travel industry is perfect for her as she loves the diversity she has been exposed to as well as the opportunity to make dreams turn into reality.

Some of her favourite travel memories include falling asleep in a moving steam train, the famous Rovos Rail, snorkelling on the shores of Mozambique’s islands, where she saw amazing creatures and struggle to believe could be so naturally beautiful… and of course the flight of angles over Victoria Falls… “the sound of the powerful water falls made me feel so small, humble and amazed by what nature is capable of” she says.
Didi wants each and every person to experience something in Africa that they will keep with them and memories that will make them smile years after when looking back.

She truly believes each new adventure teaches us something new either about ourselves or the world around us, either way we grow.

“Being able to help people experience that too me is rewarding, Let me help you create a dream adventure come true in Africa!