Newtown Grafitti Tour Johannesburg

Find out what makes Newtown an unrivalled cultural hotspot within Johannesburg; get the opportunity to shatter your perceptions about Graffiti by learning about its origins, its ties with hip-hop culture and how it is different from Street Art. The Newtown precinct remains unrivalled as a cultural hotspot in Johannesburg. It boasts a diverse and impressive group of cultural institutions, both state sanctioned and initiated by people in the area, and continues to attract creativity in all its forms. Centred on Mary Fitzgerald Square, the precinct is home to Museum Africa, The Market Theatre, and The Workers’ Museum, Sci-Bono, dance studios, artists’ studios and several restaurants and night spots, all of which contribute to the creative energy that defines the space. But perhaps what sets Newtown apart from other renewal projects in the city is the organic way in which all of these parts come together and sit side by side without any friction. There seems to be a laissez-fair atmosphere that enables creativity to flourish unrestricted. Only here can graffiti and other aspects of ‘street culture’ be so openly welcomed as an institution and live so comfortably alongside places of great historical and cultural significance like Museum Africa.